Robert Berry

Robert Berry is a painter, cartoonist and educator raised in Detroit and now living in Philadelphia. He has been adapting Joyce’s work into comics and other media for over ten years and now teaches ULYSSES and comics at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s participated in numerous Bloomsday events throughout the world and occasionally still finds time to make pretty pictures.

Talk: Unraveling one of the world’s most complicated books. A pint or two at a time.

James Joyce’s masterpiece ULYSSES is considered to be one of the greatest works of literary Modernism, and perhaps one the world’s most challenging, baffling books. If you’ve ever wanted to read it, if you’ve tried and given up, or you’re returning to the book for the umpteenth time, we have one useful tip to offer: Don’t go it alone. And we’re here to help. This talk introduces A Pint of ULYSSES, an eighteen-week course for first-time readers, avid returners, Joycean puzzle-jugglers, creative folk and people who don’t feel put off by challenges.

Introduction to Ulysses