B.2.1 Specjalizacja brytyjska (literatura i kultura)

B.2.1 (i) Literatura brytyjska (od roku akademickiego 2015/2016)


  • The Norton Anthology of English Literature, vol I/II.

Anglo-Saxon Literature

Terms and topics


Anglo-Saxon period, alliterative verse, kenning, heroic tradition, Christian and pagan influence

The Dream of the Rood

Middle English Literature


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

G. Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (The General Prologue – presentation of the Knight, the Squire, the Prioress, the Wife of Bath, the Pardoner)

Terms and topics

Middle English period, Arthurian literature, Alliterative Revival, courtly love, chivalry, allegory, frame narrative, estate satire, high genres – dream allegory, romance, low genres – fabliaux; Gawain stanza (bob and wheel), heroic couplets

Elizabethan Drama


William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream

Terms and topics

Medieval heritage (miracles and morality plays), Renaissance, Reformation, Humanism, Elizabethan period, Elizabethan theatre, tragedy, tragedy of character, revenge tragedy, comedy, play within the play, low plot, comic relief, pastoral tradition, blank verse

17th century poetry


John Milton: Paradise Lost (Book I: Invocation lines1-32)

John Donne: The Flea

Terms and topics

Puritans, Restoration, Metaphysical poetry, conceit, imagery, dissociation of sensibility, heroic epic, secondary epic, invocation, epic conventions, epic hero, in medias res, epic simile

Romantic Age


William Wordsworth: From the Preface to Lyrical Ballads, Daffodils

Percy Bysshe Shelley: Ode to the West Wind

Terms and topics

First and Second Generation of Romantic Poets, "emotion recollected in tranquility", Romantic attitudes to poetic language, nature and folk tradition; Romantic imagery, the sublime, an ode, Byronic hero

The Development of English Novel. The Victorian Era and Modernism


Charles Dickens: Great Expectations

Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness

T.S. Eliot The Love Song of J. A. Prufrock

Terms and topics

The development of the English novel before the Victorian Age (epistolary novel, first person accounts, comic epic in prose, the novel of manners), realism, utilitarianism, Gothic tradition, Bildungsroman; Modernism, stream of consciousness; objective correlative, thematic areas and narrative strategies in Victorian and Modernist novels

The novel in the 20th century


Ian McEwan: Atonement

Terms and topics

Metafiction, post-modernism, pastiche, development of narrative strategies, war literature, social and political criticism


B.2.1 (ii) Kulturoznawstwo brytyjskie


  • Bromhead, P. Life in Modern Britain.


  1. Regiony geograficzno-ekonomiczne i historyczno-kulturalne
  2. Podstawy państwowości: podstawowe instrumenty polityczne
  3. Instytucje i zjawiska społeczne, np. system szkolnictwa, stosunki etniczne
  4. Instytucje i zjawiska kulturalne, np. prasa, telewizja
  5. Wydarzenia bieżące