For MA candidates and supervisors

  • The subject of your thesis must be accepted by the Institute Board and entered into USOS no later than the beginning of summer semester. If the subject and date of the Board’s decision are not entered, you will not be able to fulfil any task related to your thesis.
  • The thesis should have a code as per the Socrates-Erasmus programme; see the table
  • When your thesis is ready:
    • you upload your thesis to APD
    • your supervisor sends your work to an antiplagiarism system
    • your supervisor accepts your thesis in APD
    • you print your work
    • you submit a hard copy of your thesis signed by your supervisor to the Office of Academic Affairs (details below)

APD step by step – for students:

  • Log in to the APD system at (your login is your PESEL, your password is the same you used to register for courses) – you will see your individual homepage with things to do under MY TASKS
  • Click on the subject of your thesis – you will be redirected to the “Thesis details” page. You will see three editable fields, where you have to fill in the subject of your work in English and Polish, the summary and the keywords. Click “save.”

Attention! When you are filling in the editable fields, please be extra cautious when copying and pasting from another text processor, such as MS Word. Our system reads special characters (such as apostrophe, quotation marks or dashes) differently – even if everything looks perfect, when you click “save” a special character will change into a sequence of random numbers. In order to avoid this, please fill in the editable fields by typing directly into the space provided. At the very least, if you insist on copying and pasting your text, please re-type all special characters directly on your keyboard (even if they appear correctly).

Prepare your file according to the following requirements: 

  • PDF file
  • filename: 3301-MGR-FLA-PESEL.pdf

Attention! Please save your entire work to one file.

  • After saving the changes in “Thesis details'” you need to upload your file. Click on “Browse” and choose the file from your computer, then click “Send.”
  • Once the file has been sent to APD, click “All files sent.” This will send your work to your supervisor’s ADP page.

No later than two weeks before your MA exam, you must submit the following to the Office of Academic Affairs:

  • a hard copy of your thesis (double-sided print, threadless binding), with the first title page following the requirements outlined in Appendix 2 [sample pages]. THIS COPY MUST BE SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR AND THE SUPERVISOR
  • a hard copy of your thesis (single-sided print, binding) – also signed by the author and the supervisor;
  • a CD containing the thesis in a PDF file, identical to the print-out. The entire thesis must be saved to one file. The title page, declarations page, as well as the summary and Polish and English keywords page are an integral part of the work. These pages are numbered 1, 2 and 3 – when preparing your table of contents, remember that the numbering of the entire thesis will change accordingly;
  • study report card;
  • your telephone number.

On request, a foreign language version of the diploma and its supplement can be issued. The extra cost of this is PLN20. The payment needs to be made to yourindividual account number which can be found in USOS.

The Office of Academic Affairs will notify you of your set examination date by phone; the date will also be entered in USOS.


Picking up your diploma:

About a month after your exam, you will find a note about your diploma being ready in USOSweb. Before picking up your diploma, check USOSweb to see if your e-circular was ordered and if all fields have been filled. If your e-circular is not available, you must notify the Office at least one week prior to picking up your diploma.