Young Scholar Societies at the Institute of English Studies

One can learn a great many things about language, literature, and culture outside the classroom, provided that one seeks out the tutelage of experienced teachers! Many of the members of our Young Scholar Societies publish their own peer-reviewed research, participate in international conferences, and exchange experience with scholars from around the globe.

Ampersand: Creative Writers' Community

A student society dedicated to creative writing

Anything Goes

Anything Goes is a bilingual quarterly magazine created for students, by students.

The Cheerful Hamlets

Our Institute's theatre group

The Fellowship of the Book

A student society that brings together researchers and fans of fantasy and science fiction

The Flying School of Linguistics Applied

Applied linguistics research group


The best essays written by the students of our Institute

Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts is an English language magazine from the area of humanities and social sciences, dedicated to students in particular.