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Cancelled classes / Notices

dr Marcin Opacki - classes and office hours cancelled


dr Agata Kochańska - classes and duty hours cancelled due to participation in a conference


dr Marcin Opacki - classes cancelled


dr Agnieszka Kałdonek-Crnjakovic - classes 14-19/10/2019 - cancelled


dr Bartosz Lutostański - classes cancelled


dr hab. Justyna Włodarczyk - classes cancelled


Upcoming events

Flying School's Statistics workshops

Science: workshops

The Flying School of Linguistics Applied invites all students and academic staff to join their course on the basics of statistics held by mgr Breno…

Constraints of Culture, Limits of Language: Old English Poetry in Czech

Science: open lectures

The Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw and the Research Group for the Study of Medieval and Early Modern Culture are pleased to…

The Irish Origins of Halloween

Science: open lectures

The Embassy of Ireland and the University of Warsaw would like to invite you to a very special event: an evening with Jonny Dillon, archivist from…


Wybory do Rady Naukowej Dyscypliny Językoznawstwo

General announcements

Wydziałowa Komisja Wyborcza Wydziału Lingwistyki Stosowanej zaprasza osoby, które zadeklarowały przynależność do dyscypliny językoznawstwo na zebrania wyborcze w celu wyłonienia członków Rady Naukowej Dyscypliny Językoznawstwo:

New online resources

Science: library

- JSTOR Arts&Sciences IX-XV (trial access until 8 November 2019)

- Cambridge University Press (e-books)

- ARTSTOR (images collections)

Our classes

Language-and-Culture Teaching in the Era of Globalization

How much language in a culture? How much culture in a language? From language policy to language and politics.

American Feminist Criticism

Read the theory that keeps changing the world!

A History of English Words

Secret life of English words

More about IES