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Why study with us?

English is the most widespread language the world has ever seen, bringing together hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Read why you should study with us!

Degree programmes


Transmisja z Dnia Otwartego w Instytucie Anglistyki


Serdecznie zapraszamy do odtworzenia transmisji z dnia otwartego online w Instytucie Anglistyki. Spotkanie odbyło się 6 lipca na naszym profilu FB. W trakcie spotkania omawialiśmy sprawy dotyczące rekrutacji, rozmawialiśmy o tym jak wyglądają studia w Instytucie i odpowiedzieliśmy na kilka pytań od widzów.

Announcement for candidates


- An online open day at the Institute of English Studies is scheduled for early June.

- The registration, will be moved to a date later than originally planned.

- Further announcements will be posted on the IES Facebook profile and the IES website.

Open day at the University of Warsaw


On April 25 candidates who would like to study at the University of Warsaw can take part in an Open Day via Facebook.

Important dates

The Admission Office will be closed until further notice.

Please contact the Office via email:


New deadlines for the admission.

First cycle studies (full-time)

Registration 13.07.2020 – 12.08.2020

Announcement of results: 24.08. 2020

Submission of documents: 

  • I round: 25-27.08. 2020
  • II round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during I round): 28, 31.08. 2020
  • III round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during II round): 1-2.09, 2020
  • IV round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during III round): 3-4.09. 2020


Second cycle studies (full-time) and part-time (extramural)

Registration: 03.08.2020 – 10.09.2020


Exams: 15 -18.09, 2020 (the exact dates will be announced later)

Announcement of results: 23.09. 2020

Submission of  documents: 

  • I round: 24-25.09. 2020
  • II round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during I round): 28-29.09. 2020

Our classes

Language-and-Culture Teaching in the Era of Globalization

How much language in a culture? How much culture in a language? From language policy to language and politics.

American Feminist Criticism

Read the theory that keeps changing the world!

A History of English Words

The secret life of English words