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Why study with us?

What do you actually study in the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw? What do we teach? How does it feel to be a student of the Institute? What scholarly (and also social) activity can you engage in? What is it like to be a foreign student in Poland, and what can you do after you've graduated? In this short video, we present a selection of answers to those questions.

Degree programmes

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Admissions for candidates from Ukraine


This year the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Warsaw opens admissions dedicated to candidates from Ukraine.

Linguistics at the Institute of English Studies


Dear candidates, in this video our students and lecturers explain everything you wanted to know about studying linguistics at our Institute, but were afraid to ask.

Literature and culture at the Institute of English Studies


In this video our students and lecturers discuss the new study programmes at the Institute.

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Our classes

Language-and-Culture Teaching in the Era of Globalization

How much language in a culture? How much culture in a language? From language policy to language and politics.

American Ecocriticism

Read the theory that keeps changing the world!

A History of English Words

The secret life of English words