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Lectures by by Seiko Harumi (SOAS, University of London) and Dat Bao (Monash University)

Science: open lectures

The use of silence by Japanese second language (L2) learners of English has been explored within a diverse landscape,…

Check out this 6-part seminar series devoted to Psalms!

Science: open lectures

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We kindly invite you to a 6-part seminar series devoted to Psalms in the first half of 2024.…

Elections of student representatives of the Faculty of Modern Languages

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Elections at the Faculty of Modern Languages will be held on October 23-24.

Folio issue #9


The special issue of Folio is here! Guest edited by Dr Maria Szafrańska-Chmielarz, an alumna of our Institute, and a co-organiser of Warsaw Literary Meetings Risings Stars 2. It contains papers on Binary Oppositions in 18th- and 19th- Century British Literature and Culture presented last year at the WLM RS 2 workshops which offer fascinating insights into works that often seem known and familiar, yet prove to hold more than meets the eye.

Language Career Fair

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On 1-2 March this year The Language Career Fair will be held in the Dobra 55 building, co-organized by the Faculty of Modern Languages. The program of the fair includes workshops for students developing competences related to applying for a job and shaping a professional career.

Second Thoughts, #7 call for papers


We welcome all articles connected closely and remotely with the topic, or ones that present original and fresh ideas. It can be absolutely anything – shift can mean many things: a change, beginning, arranging something, getting rid of something…

Second Thoughts - special issue


You'll find here interviewsw with prof. Ewa Łętowska - the first Ombudsman for Citizen Rights - and Natalia Moskal, the owner of Fame Art Books & Music and a graduate of IES.

Second Thoughts in "Czwórka" Polish Radio

Other: multimedia

Last week Second Thoughts gave a radio interview in Czwórka. Here is a link to the recording!

"The Impact of Multilingualism on Brain and Behavior" lecture by Profesor Roberto Filippi, University College London

Science: open lectures

"The Impact of Multilingualism on Brain and Behavior"

When: 25/04 at 9.45-11.15

Where: room 3.014 

In today’s talk…

Workshop "The Power of Public Speaking”

Science: workshops

Dear International Students,

You've asked for it and here it is!

"The Power of Public Speaking” workshop (2nd…

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