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Folio #7 - Call for papers


Have you ever considered having your work published in an academic students’ journal? If so, now is the perfect moment!

The Folio editorial team invites you to contribute to this year’s issue. We are looking for your best works written this or the previous semester. The deadline is February 27, 2022.

Winter semester 2021/22 examination session: online tests and exams

General announcements: registration/exams

The updated document lists all tests and exams to be held online in the upcoming exam session.

Exploring American Cinema

Science: open lectures

Ambasada U.S.A. i American Film Festival serdecznie zapraszają na wirtualne spotkanie z cyklu "Exploring American Cinema", z Kelley Kali i Angelique Molina, reżyserkami, scenarzystkami i producentkami nagrodzonego filmu I'm Fine (Thanks for Asking).


General announcements: students

Vaccines for UW students, registration and guidelines.

Erasmus - information meeting 20.01

General announcements: stipends

e would like to invite IES students interested in the Erasmus programme to an information meeting on Thursday, January…

IESP in talk with Agnieszka Piskorska

Other: multimedia

In this episode of IESP Bartosz Lutostański talks with Agnieszka Piskorska about how the new, digital media technologies are affecting the way we communicate these days. We discuss photography, humour, language modalities and many other thrilling things. Tune right in!

On-site classes from 10 January

General announcements

Starting from 10 January, classes are moving back on-site.

Questionnaire: foreign language learning


A research team at the Institute of Applied Linguistics are running an important study of how students' individual…


General announcements: registration/exams

Registration for 1st year will begin on 19.12.21

Registrations for 2nd and 3rd year will begin on 18.12.21

Institute of English Studies Podcast

Other: multimedia

In the latest episode of IESP Bartosz Lutostański talks with Dorota Babilas on the recent representations of the British monarchy.

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