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Undergraduate - First Cycle Studies



First cycle study programs are intended for secondary education graduates. Prospective candidates are expected to have passed the Polish school leaving examination (egzamin maturalny) or its equivalent, such as the International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate. Alternatively, a valid diploma certifying the completion of secondary education may serve as a basis for enrollment provided that it meets the standards established by the UW admissions authority. The duration of the studies is six semesters.

The English Studies major is considered part of the humanities. It encompasses courses in the fields of Theoretical- and Applied Linguistics as well as those relating to the Literature and Culture of the nations of the Anglosphere, among them Great Britain, the United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, the Republic of South Africa, and others. Emphasis is put on the practical application of the knowledge acquired.

The central theme of the program is the customization of study. Though students are obligated to attend compulsory courses, the majority of their study experience consists of elective courses tailored to individual interests and needs. Providing students with the opportunity to influence their academic experience is what makes our Institute one of a kind.

This unique course system is made possible owing to the efforts of a dedicated staff of experts. Most members of our faculty are not only teachers, but also accomplished scientist and scholars. As much as 30% among them are distinguished professors. Our employees are renowned experts in their respective fields.

The level of study personalization offered at our Institute cannot be matched by research facilities that have not adopted a course system. All primary courses and electives associated with a student’s major are taught in English.

The primary goal of our study program is the creation of a unique environment which allows students to define their interests and consolidate their skills at very early stages of their academic careers. It is our firm belief that this promotes growth and development.

Instead of limiting our courses to specific professional training, our study program focuses on the development of useful transferrable skills that are highly sought after by many employers, among them self-training, teamwork, decision-making, composition, or public speaking. This is one of the reasons why our students can look forward to prospective careers in various fields. Through the application of our unique teaching methods students develop critical thinking, reflection, and problem solving skills.

Our graduates possess a C1 Level knowledge of English (according to the EQF) and are trained in linguistics as well as the culture, literature, art, and sociology of English-speaking countries. In addition, their knowledge of the humanities makes them well-suited for both academic and professional careers. With the completion of a teacher training course, they are qualified to teach basic English.

Compulsory Courses

The Compulsory Courses are designer to familiarize students with the potential offered by English Studies. They help students define their interest and equip them with the tools to develop them.

The List of Compulsory Courses is as follows:

  1. American Literature
  2. British Literature
  3. Intorduction to Literary Theory
  4. Introduction to Cultural Studies
  5. History of Britain
  6. History of the United States
  7. Theoretical Linguistics: Syntax, Phonetics, Phonology
  8. Introduction to Linguistics
  9. History of the English Language (Historical Linguistics)
  10. Practical English Courses

Elective Courses

Elective courses are classes created and taught by faculty members specializing in particular fields of research, ensuring excellence both in terms of content and teaching. The semester-long courses are offered by the Institute’s individual Departments. The name, description, and ECTS point value of each course is certified by the Institute’s Science Council. The list of currently available courses is available on the Institute’s website, as well as on announcement boards.

Having completed the compulsory courses, each student tailors his or her own academic experience by selecting courses according to individual interests and preferences. Students may choose from a variety of courses in Theoretical- and Applied Linguistics, American Studies, or British Studies.

Majors and minors

Beginig from the secondo year of first cycle studies, each student must choose a Major and a Minor from among the following disciplines:

1) Theoretical- and Applied Linguistcs

2) American Literature and Culture

3) British Literature and Culture

Note that choosing either(2)or(3) as one’s Major establishes (1) as one’s Minor and vice versa.

Thesis Submission

All students are to submit a hard copy of their written BA Thesis signed by the student’s thesis supervisor to the Student Office of the Institute of English not later than by the end of the 5th semester of studies.

Types of Study

Full-time – Studies without tuition fees (i.e.: government-funded tuition fee, applies to Polish residents)