Studia kanadyjskie

full time, second cycle



The bilingual (French and English) and interdisciplinary programme aims to familiarise students with a wide range of issues related to Canada, thus enabling them to achieve a deeper understanding of the historical, political and socio-cultural conditions of the country. By combining theory and practice, the courses offered in Canadian Studies will shape graduates who will have achieved fluency in two languages, and who will find themselves well versed in the challenges of the modern world; and ready to work in an international environment in various sectors of the economy. The concept of Canadian Studies (second-cycle studies) was developed by teams from the Institute of Roman Studies and the Institute of English Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Programme description

The curriculum for Canadian studies, with its interdisciplinary and practical aspects, will offer English and French classes in disciplines such as cultural and religious studies, literary studies, linguistics, and political and administrative studies. The humanistic and social science profiles, supported by engaging language preparation, aim to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the complex issues that relate to Canada, which also have their reflection in the global social challenges of today. Through the classes and research approaches offered, students will acquire skills allowing them to navigate Canada's multifaceted socio-cultural realities, thus developing their own analytical competences. By learning about and researching Canada's cultural and ethnic diversity, students can look forward to working in international and multicultural environments. Thanks to the programme’s practical components (internships and apprenticeships), students will also develop a practical ability to apply their acquired knowledge in professional spheres.

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