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Exam testing competence in the English language

Information about the exam:

It is an advanced written exam at the C1 according to CEFR (i.e. the fifth of six levels, with the second highest degree of difficulty). Duration: 3 hours.


  • Listening comprehension (15% of the total score),
  • Reading comprehension (15% of the total score),
  • Use of language structures (40% of the total score),
  • Writing (30% of the total score).


  • Knowledge of English allowing efficient functioning in a social, professional and academic context - the level of lexical-grammatical and phraseological competence required to successfully complete undergraduate studies conducted in English can be used as the reference level.
  • In the area of reading and listening, understanding formal and academic discourse with a significant degree of lexical and structural complexity (e.g. lecture, interview, panel discussion, and press, literary and popular-science publication).
  • Ability to create academic text (e.g. an essay), referring to the general knowledge of the candidates and their social, cultural and professional experience.