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1. Which of the following elements does not appear in a revenge tragedy:

a) madness
b) a story within a story
c) murder
d) a play within a play

2. Blank verse is:

a) iambic pentameter rhymed in couplets (aa, bb, cc, etc),
b) unrhymed iambic pentameter,
c) iambic pentameter rhymed abba abba cdcdcd
d) unrhymed iambic tetrameter 

3. Look closely at the following quotation from the West-Saxon version of Old English poem "Caedmon's Hymn"

Nu we sculon herigan hefornices Weard

Metodes miehte ond his modgedonc,

weorc wuldorfoder, swoe he wundra gehwoes

and decide which of the statements below describes alliteration in Old English/Anglo-Saxon literature:

a) all lines begin with the same letter,
b) all nouns in a poem begin with the same sound
c) all words in a line begin with the same letter
d) at least two stressed syllables in a line begin with the same sound 

4. Which of the following statements describes the attitude towards poetic language of the Romantic poets of the first generation:

a) they thought that the language of the common people should be used in poetry because then everybody will be able to understand it
b) they thought that the language of the common people should be used because they are closest to nature and thus closest to truth
c) they thought that the language of the common people should be used in order to make fun of them
d) they were uneducated and could not use any other language but the most unsophisticated so they pretended it is best for poetry

5. Point to the feature which does not characterize Great Expectations by Charles Dickens:

a) vivid character portrayal
b) realism
c) highly poetic stream of consciousness narration
d) the concern with the class system of the Victorian England 

6. Which is the capital city of Scotland?

a) Belfast
b) Aberdeen
c) Glasgow
d) Edinburgh

7. What is the role of the Speaker of the British House of Commons?

a) leader of the opposition party in the House
b) chairman of Commons debates
c) official spokesman of backbench members of parliament
d) liaison officer with Buckingham Palace 

8. Public broadcasting in Britain (the BBC) is financed from:

a) government grants
b) a combination of government grants and advertising revenue
c) a combination of government grants and fees paid by viewers
d) a combination of advertising revenue and fees paid by viewers 

9. Which of the following European Union initiatives does Britain not take part in?

a) European Monetary Agreement
b) Common Agricultural Policy
c) Common Foreign and Security Policy
d) Common Fisheries Policy

10. Members of Parliament are elected to the British House of Commons by an electoral system based on:

a) proportional representation with a single transferable vote
b) first-past-the-post elections in constituencies with five members
c) indirect representation through regional electoral colleges
d) first-past-the-post elections in single-member constituencies