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Extramural studies, English Studies - Linguistics

About the studies

These studies are intended for candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies having attained a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent thereof. The duration of the studies is four semesters.

English Studies - Linguistics is a programme within the field of humanities, the discipline of linguistics, which comprises, among others, research on the structure of language, language change, the relationship between language and the human brain, communication, language acquisition and foreign language teaching.

Students choose the MA seminar in linguistics – the one that is most connected to their interests and professional goals. The other courses are complementary to the content of the seminar and help students broaden their knowledge of linguistics. Additionally, the programme includes courses in the complementary discipline, which, in the case of language studies, is literary studies.

The Institute offers several MA seminars, taught by experienced academic teachers and researchers. Within the part-time programme, we provide mainly seminars that aim at developing competences important for educators, teachers, and those working in international and intercultural environments.

All classes are conducted in English.

Our graduates find employment in various sectors of economic and public life. The programme teaches skills that are looked for by employers, such as self-education and team work, it promotes making independent choices, allows for interdisciplinary training, enhances responsibility and decision-making abilities. The methods of instruction facilitate independent learning and self-study; stress is put on training the power to reason, to identify problems and to find right solutions.

Our graduates know the English language at the C2 level (according to CEFR), close to that of well-educated native speakers of the language, which allows them to effectively perform professional and academic activity in the chosen field. They possess broad knowledge in the discipline of linguistics and, additionally, in literature and culture of Anglophone countries, and general knowledge in the field of humanities; they are well-prepared to continue academic or practical education as well as to undertake a job requiring high skills. They are conscious of the significance of their knowledge and skills, and know how to design the path of their self-development.

As an additional option, students may take part in our teacher training programme, during the four semesters of studies, to get qualifications needed to teach English at all levels, which are awarded after the student has obtained the MA diploma.

Compulsory courses

  1. MA Seminar
  2. Complementary seminar
  3. Monographic lecture in linguistics
  4. CLIL – academic language in the discipline of linguistics
  5. Monographic lecture: literature and culture
  6. Philosophy
  7. All-university courses

Elective courses

  1. Courses in linguistics
  2. Courses in literature and culture

Type and form of study

This is a part-time (extramural) course of study, tuition-based; classes are held on week-ends. Traditional in-class and/or on-line modes of teaching depend on current regulations by the Rector of the University of Warsaw.

The seat of the Institute of English Studies UW is the modern building of the Faculty of Modern Languages at 55 Dobra Street, Warsaw, with convenient public transport options.