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IAmP - The Institute of English Studies Podcast

Odcinek 3

In this episode of IAmP Bartosz Lutostański and Klaudia Łączyńska discuss the reading experience during the ongoing pandemia, especially digital reading, the Digital Theatre project as well as Klaudia's engagement with the Between.Pomiędzy Festiwal.

Episode 2

In a new episode of IAmP, Bartosz Lutostański talks with Maciej Rosiński about metaphors used in politics, science and everyday life.

Episode 1

In this premiere episode of IAmP, Bartosz Lutostański talks with prof Małgorzata Grzegorzewska about the idea for the IAmP podcast channel, Institute of English Studies at the University of Warsaw, her latest book, and recent international success of Olga Tokarczuk and Andrzej Sapkowski.

Samhain - the Irish origins of Halloween

Recordings from Samhain event organised by the Embassy of Ireland in Poland. Jonny Dillon gave a presentation about the beginnings of Halloween, how it began to be celebrated in Ireland and how this folk tradition went global. The event took place on 23 Oct 2019 at the Tyszkiewicz Palace in Warsaw and was co-hosted by the Institute of English Studies (University of Warsaw).