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08:30 Średniowieczne Biblie Wierszowane

Science: open lectures

IA UW oraz zespół "Badania nad Kulturą Dawną" zapraszają na wykład otwarty dr Pauliny Pludry-Żuk który odbędzie się o godz. 8.30 w Gabinecie Rękopisów BUW (Dobra 55/56, III piętro).

14:00 Event Cancelled: Early Modern Spectacles of State

Science: open lectures

The lecture has been cancelled due to the speaker's illness.

09:55 Shakespeare in Culture Colloquy: Focus on Digital Tools

Science: workshops

Shakespeare in Culture research group warmly invites students and staff members to a lecture (Digital Humanities: Why should I care?), workshop (Digital Humanities: How do I actually do it?) and roundtable on digital tools in humanities. Our guest lecturer is Professor Jonathan Hope, Arizona State University.

18:00 Movie Night & Guest Lecture by dr Tomasz Sawczuk

Science: open lectures

The Student Council together with the series "IES Lectures in Film Studies" join their forces and invite you for a MOVIE NIGHT.

14:00 Jonathan Kramnick: Literary Studies Among the Disciplines

Science: workshops

A seminar on literature, literary scholarship, and interdisciplinarity with Jonathan Kramnick (Yale University).

18:00 Bard Fiction. A play by The Cheerful Hamlets


Most of you probably know Pulp Fiction. But what would it be like if we moved the story to the Elizabethan times ? If you want to find out, come to see Bard Fiction! As always - the play is in English and the admission is free!

14:00 Zebranie RNIA

General announcements

Zebranie Rady Naukowej IA odbędzie się 28.01. o godz. 14 w sali 131.