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The Psycholinguistics of Multilingualism

Science: workshops

The Summer School aims to prepare young researchers to both understand the issues of multilingualism

(i.e. the coexistence of two or more languages in the mind) and conduct scientific research in this area. Application deadline 24.06.2021.

Folio #6 - the latest issue of our students' journal


Prose and poetry, drama and movies, feminism and politics, translation and punctuation – see for yourself: issue 6 (19) 2021

Episode 6 of the Hamlet Podcast

Other: multimedia

Summer with the Library

Science: library

The summer period (July, August, September) sees a change to library opening hours. The library will be open Monday…

Registration schedule

General announcements
General announcements: registration/exams

USOS registration schedule for classes at the Institute of English Studies ...

Open positions at the Institute of English Studies

General announcements: for lecturers

Two positions are currently open at the Institute

Episode 5 of The Hamlet Podcast

Other: multimedia

Second Thoughts - 4th call for papers


This time the theme will be “ILLUMINATION”. We welcome texts connected to this topic, but if you have a fresh text, which presents an original idea, we would be glad to consider your piece.

The Hamlet Podcast #4

Other: multimedia

Shakespearean thespian or simply an actor? In this episode of The Hamlet Podcast, Jay talks with our guests Wisznia and Artur about the differences between acting in Shakespearean drama and contemporary plays. They discuss various challenges that go hand in hand with performing in plays written in the 17th century, like approaching the Early Modern English language, projecting emotions and possibilities of improvisation in case of emergency. Enjoy!

Irish Day 2021 lecture recordings

Science: open lectures
Other: events

Video lectures from Irish Day 2021 are now available!

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