Completing the academic year

Year I and Year II, first cycle studies

Requirements for completing the academic year:

  • You must have all your grades entered in USOSweb – they are the basis for completing your academic year (if anything is missing or inaccurate, it is your duty to clear this up with your lecturer);
  • All courses must be attached to the cycle and programme, as well as declared to be taken into account during the year completion process;
  • You must submit all necessary documents to the Office of Academic Affairs no later than 19 September 2019; these are:

If you fail to fulfil the requirements for completing this stage, you must write and hand in the appropriate application after the examination retakes. The signed application must be handed in at the Office of Academic Affairs along with the documents required to complete the academic year by 19 September 2019.

Year I, first cycle – please attach your certificate of having completed the library training to your study report card. You will not be allowed to complete your academic year if the certificate is not attached.

Year III, first cycle

rok akademicki 2018/19

If you have completed your entire study programme and wish to sit your undergraduate/subject exam on 16 September 2019, you must declare your programme to be completed in USOS and hand in the following documents to the Office of Academic Affairs by 9 September 2019:

ATTENTION! If you are taking your C1 exam on 12 September 2019, you must hand in your documents by 13 September 2019.

  • study report card (please make sure all your grades are printed out; if they are not, and you do have a grade in USOSweb, you must attach this subject to the correct programme and stage);
  • bachelor’s dissertation (1 printout, double-sided, threadless binding);
  • dissertation card, signed by you and your advisor;
  • reviews signed by your advisor and your reviewer;
  • completion card (card);
  • 4 photographs (for Polish diploma only) or 5 photographs (for English and Polish diplomas), sized 4.5x6.5 cm;
  • payment receipt for PLN 60 (Polish diploma only) or PLN 100 (English and Polish diplomas).

You will be given an individual account number to make this payment, and you must write “diploma payment” along with your full name and student number in the description.

Students who fulfil all requirements will be enrolled in the undergraduate examination, which will take place on 16 September 2019. If you are marked as “graduate before diploma” in USOS, and you have not been enrolled in the examination, you must notify the Office of Academic Affairs no later than 13 September 2019.

The bachelor’s examination is not attachable in USOS.

Please make sure to double-check your personal information in USOS (phone no., e-mail, etc.).

In order to pick up your diploma, you will need:

  • a filled-in e-circular in USOSweb. The payment and ELS sections are filled in by the Office when you pick up your diploma;
  • your student ID (if you do not plan to continue your studies at the University of Warsaw), or your acceptance letter to the second cycle of studies or a certificate of your student status (if you are continuing your studies).

The diploma can be given out to a third party only if a notarised authorisation is presented.