Ampersand: Creative Writers' Community

A student society dedicated to creative writing

Supervisor: Dr. Irena Księżopolska

President: Zuzanna Walczak

Facebook group

We are a group of students who share a passion for creative writing. We are interested in creating original texts, whether it is poetry or prose, in Polish or English. We form a friendly community for all writers, support the development of creativity and share our ideas. We also provide help in finding the motivation and determination to develop your works. There are both beginners and experienced writers among us.

We meet once a week, in the building on Dobra 55 street. The structure of the meetings is simple: after a voluntary submission of the author's text to the shared drive, willing people attending the meeting present their text (poem, short story, etc.). Then the rest of the participants speak their opinions and comments on the presented text. This way you can examine the work from multiple perspectives and appreciate its value.

Our plans include many interesting events, such as writing collaborative stories, thematic writing contests, guest lectures as well as workshops on developing creativity. In the future, we also want to publish our texts in the Anything Goes magazine.

We encourage all those who are interested to join our Facebook group, and to visit us at the meetings. There is no compulsion to present any text, so you can just come and see what our activities are like. See you there!