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General announcements: registration/exams

USOS registration schedule for classes at the Institute of English Studies ...

Course dates: IT

General announcements: registration/exams

This page lists the dates for the IT course (for second cycle students).

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4EU+ Alliance courses

General announcements: registration/exams

As a part of the 4EU+ Alliance, UW students can take selected courses offered by the University of Milan.

Read more about it here:

Language certificate exams 2020/2021

General announcements: registration/exams

This academic year (20/21) all the language certificate exams will be held online. This includes, both written and oral exams. More information can be fount at:

Registration for classes at the Institute for English Studies

General announcements: registration/exams

1st year, 1st cycle: 05-11.10.2020

2nd year, 1st cycle: 04-11.10.2020

3rd year, 1st cycle: 03-11.10.2020


1st year, 2nd cycle: 09-11.10.2020

2nd year, 2nd cycle: 03-11.10.2020


Courses: 10-14.10.2020 for 2nd and 3rd year BA students and i 1st and 2nd year MA students

If needed, the registration shall be extended.

PE registration

General announcements: registration/exams

Registration for PE classes will start on 24 September at 21.00. More information on the SWFiS website

The organisation of the foreign language proficiency examinations for the summer examination session

General announcements: registration/exams

The University Council for the Certification of Language Proficiency issued a resolution regarding the organisation of the foreign language proficiency examinations for the summer examination session of the academic year 2019/2020. Unless a mandatory requirement for the student’s degree, it is recommended that students postpone taking the examination to the following academic year.

Online exams, e-mail addresses

General announcements: registration/exams

We remind all Institute students and staff that they must have a valid e-mail address in the university domain, and These addresses need to be used for all official correspondence, including term papers, home assignments, etc. Your official addresses will be crucial during the online exam session.

Summer exam session 19/20

General announcements: registration/exams

The summer exam session schedule has been updated.

Registration dates:

General announcements: registration/exams

1st year, 1st cycle


I round 22.09-25.09.2019 

II round 28-29.09.2019