Completing the academic year

Year I, second cycle studies

Requirements for completing the academic year:

  • You must have all your grades entered in USOSweb – they are the basis for completing your academic year (if anything is missing or inaccurate, it is your duty to clear this up with your lecturer)
  • All course subjects must be attached to the cycle and programme, and declared to be taken into account during the year completion process
  • You must submit all necessary documents to the Office of Academic Affairs no later than 9 July 2019 (or 18 September if you are retaking your examinations). These are:

EXTRAMURAL STUDENTS submit only the study report card.

If you fail to fulfil the requirements for completing this stage, you must write and hand in the appropriate application. The signed application must be handed in at the Office of Academic Affairs along with the documents required to complete the academic year.

Year II, second cycle studies

You submit your study report card along your MA thesis.

(See Master's diploma)