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The Cheerful Hamlets

Supervisor: dr hab. Anna Wojtyś

President: Maria Sawicka

The Cheerful Hamlets is a student theatre operating since 1997. It brings together students who wish to develop their acting, directing, scriptwriting and other theatre-related skills to stage most various plays in English every year. From classics, such as Shakespeare, to contemporary plays - we want to stage it all.

Additionally, for six years, the student club has taken part in Pyrkon festival in Poznań. 

We’ve also cooperated with the Irish embassy, performing on their poetry nights.

If that sounds like something right up your street, then you’ll be glad to know that each autumn we hold auditions for new Hamlets. All interested are cordially invited!

In the course of last years, The Cheerful Hamlets performed:

winter semester 2017/18

  • Virginia Woolf’s Freshwater, directed by Helena Teleżyńska; staged in the Institute of the English Studies, as a part of the conference From Queen Anne to Queen Victoria
  • Michael Mckeever’s Suite Surrender, directed by Helena Teleżyńska and Jakub Kądzielski; staged twice in CK ŁOWICKA and during Theatre Days NZS UW in Wolskie Centrum Kultury

summer semester 2017/18

  • Madhuri Shekar’s In Love and Warcraft, directed by Anastazja Puhach and Jakub Kądzielski; staged during the 18th edition of Pyrkon festival
  • Noël Coward’s Still Life, directed by Patrycja Wysokińska; staged in Centrum Kultury ŁOWICKA

winter semester 2018/2019

  • Jerome Bixby’s The Man from Earth, directed by Katarzyna Szyszka and Jan Ziętara; staged twice in Centrum Kultury ŁOWICKA and staged during 19th edition of Pyrkon festival
  • Bill Robens’s Kill Me, Deadly, directed by Paulina Piórkowska and Ewa Zook; staged four times – twice in CK Łowicka and twice in Za Daleki Theatre

summer semester 2018/19

  • William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of King Richard III, directed by Helena Teleżyńska and Jakub Kądzielski; staged three times in SOHO theatre

winter semester 2019/2020

  • Bard Fiction written and directed by Maciej Wiszniewski; staged three times in CK ŁOWICKA

summer semester 2019/2020

  • Hamlets’ minilogues, published on Instagram, which became a part of the between.pomiędzy festival

winter semester 2020/2021

  • in collaboration with the Embassy of Ireland, the Hamlets prepared recitations of poems by Irish poets and poetesses in December, which were published on Facebook
  • William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Maria Binkiewicz and Dominika Front, Zoom staging (recording available here)
  • the first episode of The Hamlet Podcast has been aired

summer semester 2020/2021

  • William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Sara Górna and Helena Żegnałek; staged three times on the patio of the Institute of the English Studies building at Hoża 69 - a truly Shakespearian stage

winter semester 2021/2022

  • Robert Harling’s Steel Magnolias, directed by Sara Górna; staged three times in the auditorium of the University of Warsaw Library
  • Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, directed by Paulina Piórkowska; staged three times in the auditorium of the University of Warsaw Library

summer semester 2021/2022

  • Marshall Pailet’s Everyone Gets Abducted by Aliens, directed by Katarzyna Szyszka and Jakub Kądzielski; staged three times in the auditorium of the University of Warsaw Library

winter semester 2022/2023

  • William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, directed by Maria Sawicka and Jan Ziętara; staged three times in the auditorium of the University of Warsaw Library

What are we doing now? We’ve been keeping ourselves busy. Brace yourselves for

THE FIRST EVER The Great Gatsby musical

Original music, lyrics, and choreography

Find The Cheerful Hamlets on social media where we post information about the plays, pictures and recordings of our work behind-the-scenes, trailers, and play recordings!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheCheerfulHamlets

Instagram: https://instagram.com/cheerful.hamlets/

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/TheCheerfulHamlets