The Fellowship of the Book

A student society that brings together researchers and fans of fantasy and science fiction.

Advisor: dr. hab. Maria Błaszkiewicz

President: Maksymilian Mrozowski

FB group:

We are a student society that brings together researchers and fans of cultural texts from the fields of fantasy and science fiction. We discuss both specific works (books, stories, fan fiction, films, series, anime, etc.), as well as the elements and themes associated with them. We usually focus on one theme or issue and then discuss it in depth based on several sources.

Our circle was officially founded in 2020. For most of our existence, we held regular online meetings every Monday using Discord and Zoom platforms. Nowadays, we meet slightly less frequently, focusing on longer texts.  

We have organised guest lectures with Prof. Małgorzata Grzegorzewska, Prof. Dominika Oramus, Prof. Maria and Prof. Bartłomiej Blaszkiewicz, and many others from the academic community. We also participated in the 'Noc Anglistów', during which we presented lectures on the role of magic, weapons, and the art of war in fantasy (Fantasy, szuka wojenna i mediewalizm).

If you are interested in fantasy, science fiction, or literary themes related to them, join us! Please visit our Facebook group, too, to find out the topics of previous meetings and stay up to date with the latest news.