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The Terrific Teachers Team

Supervisor: dr Agnieszka Kałdonek-Crnjaković (a.kaldonek2@uw.edu.pl)

Chair: Cezary Czarnecki (c.czarnecki2@student.uw.edu.pl)

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100079654351215

We are a group of students – future teachers of foreign languages who want to be best prepared for this profession. The aim of our organization is, above all, to improve the teaching competencies of students preparing for the teaching profession, to raise the knowledge about the research in the field of teaching and learning, and to raise the understanding of foreign language teaching methods.

We want to achieve these goals through the following:

  1. Organizing regular meetings and workshops on various aspects of the teaching profession;
  2. Inviting experts specializing in teaching;
  3. Organization of study visits, during which we will have the opportunity to observe specialists at work.

We want TTTT to be a space for the joint acquisition of knowledge and experience as well as for continuous personal development.

Our projects:

Welcome pack for classes 1-8