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Bachelor’s dissertation from 2018/19 onwards

Basic style guide for bachelor’s dissertations:

  • MLAChicago or APA rules (as agreed with your thesis advisor);
  • paper format: A4, single-sided;
  • font: Times New Roman;
  • font size: 12;
  • spacing: 1.5;
  • left margin: 3.5 cm, other margins: 3 cm;
  • justified text;
  • pages numbered, starting with the first page of the text, at the bottom of the page.

The body of the dissertation must be preceded by the following:

  • a title page with the title of your main dissertation
  • a page with declarations and signatures of the advisor and author
  • a summary and keywords in Polish

Sample pages 1, 2 and 3 are available here.

You must enter your summary, your main dissertation keywords (in Polish and English) in the APD system, and then upload your work in a PDF file no larger than 25 MB.

The file uploaded to APD must fulfil the following requirements:

  • it must be a PDF file identical with your hard copy; you must save both dissertations in one file. The title page, declarations page, as well as the summary and Polish keywords page are an integral part of the work. The e-version does not require the advisor and author’s signatures.
  • the filename must follow this pattern: 3301-LIC-FLA-PESEL

You are required to print the reviews and the dissertation card from the APD system (KPD with the annotation ARCHIVED, which is a status accorded in APD after the advisor and reviewer’s acceptance).

The reviewer is chosen by the advisor.

You must hand in your bachelor’s dissertation (1 printout, double-sided, threadless binding), your dissertation card signed by you and your advisor, as well as the reviews signed by your advisor and reviewer in the Office (https://ia.uw.edu.pl/dla-studentow/studia-i-stopnia/rozliczenie-roku).

Formatting guide for bachelor’s dissertations submitted in 2019