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Research Group for the Study of Manuscripts

SIGLUM has been founded to carry out comprehensive research into manuscripts. It aims to promote the study of manuscripts and the development of different manuscript cultures through the ages. Our group was set up by a team of philologists in 2020 but it soon attracted other scholars, including historians, art historians, conservators, chemists, experts on the history of the book and paper production, linguists, literary critics, cultural experts, musicologists, archivists and librarians. Our research projects embrace manuscripts from different geographical and cultural regions and include both early sources as well as contemporary handwritten documents. We share the passion for manuscripts and we recognize the need to study them in their manifold aspects, and in an integrated way, as carriers of texts, works of art, monuments of culture, heritage of the past and material objects. The manuscripts we study come from various collections, such as the Warsaw University Library, the National Library in Warsaw, Warsaw University departmental libraries and many other archives in Poland and abroad.

SIGLUM is an inclusive group, open to new people, projects and areas of research. We would like the manuscript studies to be a vital part of the academic universe. We hope that everyone who has thus far worked independently will join us so that SIGLUM can become a prominent research unit at the University of Warsaw. If you want to join us let us know by sending an email to siglum@wn.uw.edu.pl.

Here you can find our official website: https://siglum.uw.edu.pl/en/

Members of the group:

  • Monika Opalińska, dr hab. WN UW  (group founder and coordinator)
  • Anna Just, dr hab. WN UW (group co-founder)
  • Agnieszka Fabiańska, mgr, Head of the Department of Manuscripts at BUW (group co-founder)
  • Agata Bareja-Starzyńska, dr hab. WO UW
  • Agnieszka Helman-Ważny, dr hab. WDIiB UW
  • Barbara Wagner, dr hab. WCH UW
  • Ewa Paśnik-Tułowiecka, dr WO UW
  • Marcin Krawczuk, dr WO UW
  • Mateusz Marszałkowski, dr IHN PAN
  • Paulina Pludra-Żuk, dr IHN PAN
  • Marta Czyżak, dr Oddział Zbiorów Specjalnych Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Toruniu
  • Łukasz Ratajczak, Gabinet Rękopisów BUW
  • Stanisław Szyller, mgr IHN PAN
  • Zofia Załęska, mgr WH IHS UW
  • Krystyna Jarosławska, mgr WH UW
  • Urszula Świątek, lic. WNKS UW
  • Andrzej Drozd, dr hab. WO UW
  • Anna Wojtyś, dr hab. WN UW
  • Weronika Liszewska, prof. ASP dr hab. ASP w Warszawie 
  • Jacek Tomaszewski, dr Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku im. Andrzeja Wawrzyniaka
  • Magdalena Szpindler, mgr WO UW
  • Olgierd Uziembło, mgr WO UW
  • Stanisław Jaśkowski, dr WO UW