dr Breno B. Silva

Department of Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies

assistant professor

email: b.barreto-sil2@uw.edu.pl


Researchgate profile

dr Breno B. Silva


M.A., University of Warsaw, 2016

M.A., University of Nottingham, 2019

Ph.D., University of Warsaw, 2021


TESOL Diploma (270 hours), Coventry House International, Canada.

TESOL Certificate (120 hours), Victoria International Academy, Canada.

Research interests and projects

  • Second language acquisition
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Incidental lexical learning (reading and writing)
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Bilingualism and multilingualism
  • Cognate vocabulary
  • Eye-tracking research
  • Statistics
  • Vocabulary learning and teaching
  • Vocabulary research methodology
  • Teaching English to adults

Selected publications

  • Silva, B. (2022). Writing to learn academic words: Assessment, cognition, and learning. Springer
  • Silva, B., Orrego-Carmona, D., & Szarkowska, A. (2022). Using linear mixed models to analyze data from eye-tracking research on subtitling. Translation Spaces, 11(1), 60-88.
  • Szarkowka, A., Silva, B., Orrego-Carmona, D. (2021). Effect of subtitle speed on proportional reading time: Re-analyzing subtitle reading data with mixed effects models. Translation, Cognition & Behaviour. https://doi.org/10.1075/tcb.00057.sza
  • Silva, B., Kutyłowska, K., & Otwinowska, A. (2021). Learning academic words through writing sentences and compositions: Any signs of an increase in cognitive load? Language Teaching Research, 1-33. DOI: 10.1177/13621688211020421.
  • Silva, B., & Otwinowska, A. (2019). VST as a reliable academic placement tool despite cognate inflation effects. English for Specific Purposes, 54, 35-49.
  • Silva, B., & Otwinowska, A. (2018). Vocabulary acquisition and young learners: Different tasks, similar involvement loads. International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, 56(2), 205-299.

Older publications can be found on the complete list in PBN


  • Foryś-Nogala, M., Silva, B., Ambroziak, A., Broniś, O., Janczarska, A., Królak, D., and Otwinowska, A. (2021, July). Adapting the Vocabulary Knowledge Scale to measure L3 lexical learning. International Symposium of Bilingualism (ISB). University of Warsaw, Poland.
  • Silva, B., Kutylowska, K., and Otwinowska, A. (2021, July). Learning academic words through writing timed essays, untimed essays, or sentences: Does increased cognitive load affect task involvement? European Second Language Acquisition Conference (EuroSLA). University of Barcelona, Spain.
  • Silva, B. and Otwinowska, A. (2019, May). The lexical learning potential of writing in light of the Involvement Load Hypothesis. 31st International Conference on Foreign and Second Language Acquisition (ICFSLA). Szczyrk, Poland.
  • Silva, B. and Otwinowska, A. (2018, September). Knowledge of academic words predicted by a combination of tests, despite cognate inflation effects. Poster presented at the 24th Annual Conference on Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing. Berlin, Germany.
  • Silva, B. and Otwinowska, A. (2018, November). VST as a reliable academic placement tool despite cognate inflation effects. Young Linguists Meeting in Poznan – From exploration to explanation in the study of language. Poznan, Poland.


Current project:

Learning academic words via sentence and essay writing: Any signs of increased cognitive load? (funded by NCN grant 2019/35/N/HS2/03550).