dr Bartosz Lutostański

Department of British Culture

assistant professor

email: b.lutostanski@uw.edu.pl



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  Office hours: Winter semester 2022/23 - paternity leave
dr Bartosz Lutostański


2019- - Assistant Professor, University of Warsaw

2017-2019 - Assistant Professor, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

2016 – PhD, University of Gdańsk (with distinction)

2010 – MA, University of Gdańsk


Research interests and projects

  • narrative theory
  • social semiotics
  • the contemporary novel in the UK and USA
  • the experimental novel
  • new media
  • social media
  • mediality of contemporary arts and culture
  • pop music (especially Britpop and Madchester scene)

Selected publications

Articles (since 2019):

  • Lutostański, B., For the New Novel. Interfaces of Literature and Media in Marisha Pessl’s Night Film and Eli Horowitz’s The Pickle Index, w: Literature and Media: Productive Intersections, red. M. Lachman i M. Cieślak, Berlin, Peter Lang, 2021, str. 201-217;
  • Lutostański, B., Gombrowicz, w: Online Encyclopedia of Literary Neo-Avant-Gardes, 2021;
  • Lutostański, B. i M. Rembowska-Płuciennik, Powieść aplikacja - między wolnym czytaniem a szybkim Internetem, "Teksty Drugie", nr 5 2020;
  • Lutostański, B., Across the Boundaries of Signs and Media: On Transgeneric Qualities of Selected Contemporary Fiction, "The Problems of Literary Genres", nr 2 (63) 2020;
  • Lutostański, B., "The Unbounded. On the Fragmentation Strategies in BS Johnson's Novel", Anglistica Wratislaviensia; nr 37 2019;
  • Lutostański, B., "Prolegomena do genologii transmedialnej", Tekstualia, nr 58 (3) 2019;
  • Lutostański, B., "Nienaturalny Gombrowicz", Pamiętnik Literacki, nr 1 2019.



  • Lutostanski, B. “Intermediality and Digital Fiction”. The Palgrave Handbook of Intermediality. Ed. J. Bruhn, A. Lopez-Varela, M. de Paiva Vieira. Palgrave. Forthcoming 2023;
  • Lutostanski, B. “A Poetics of App Fiction". Transcodification: Literature - Arts – Media. Ed. S. Gozzano. De Gruyter. Forthcoming 2023;
  • Lutostański, B., A Narratology of Radio Drama [in:] Audionarratology; red. J. Mildorf i T. Kinzel, de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston, 2016;
  • Lutostański, B., The door to The Unnamable by Samuel Beckett, w: The Between Almanach, red. T. Wiśniewski, Maski, Gdańsk, 2015;
  • Lutostański, B., Refuting a sentence; or how John Berger refutes himself, w: On John Berger. Telling Stories, red. D. Malcolm i R. Hertel, Brill, Amsterdam i New York, 2015.


Books and edited tomes:

  • Genologia transmedialna, B. Lutostański (ed.), „Tekstualia” 2019, nr 3 (58);
  • Postclassical Narratology. Intermediality: Between Texts, Media and Genres, B. Lutostański (ed.), „Tekstualia” 2018, nr 1 (4);
  • Lutostański, B. (2016), Gombrowicz-Beckett. Beckett-Gombrowicz. A Comparative Inter-modal Study. Gdańsk: Gdańsk UP.


Older publications can be found on the complete list in PBN


  • “International Conference on Narrative”, Chichester, 28-30 June 2022, "App Fiction and the Post-digital Aesthetics"

  • European Narratology Network: “‘Gaslight’ Narratives in Virtual Landscapes: Narratological Implications of Technologically Mediated and Immersive Media”, Ryga, 15-16 September 2021, “Influencer Wars”
  • “ICLA Research Committee on Literatures/Arts/Media (CLAM): Transcodification: Literatures Arts Media”, L’Aquila, 1-3 July 2021, “Birth of a New Medium? The Case of App-Driven Fiction”;
  • “International Conference on Narrative”, virtual conference 19-23 May 2021, “App Fiction: A New Genre of Digital Literature”;
  • “Postać w kulturze wizualnej”, Olsztyn, 9-11 May 2020, “Across the Boundaries, or in Between: On the Generic Challenges of Contemporary Fiction” (cancelled);
  • “Society for Novel Studies: The Novel’s New Worlds”, Oxford, 2-4 April 2020, “‘This is not for you’: The Multimedia Novel and the Challenges of Reception” (cancelled);
  • “Literature and Media: Productive Intersection”, Łódź, 24-26 October 2019: “The New Experimental Fiction: The Interface of Literature and Media”.





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Członek Rady Dydaktycznej Studiów Filologiczno-Kulturoznawczych

Assistant Editor in ANGLICA. An International Journal of English Studies

International cooperation:

  1. Member of International Society for the Study of Narrative,
  2. Member of European Narratological Network,
  3. Member of European Neo-Avant-garde Research Group,