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BOOK RETURN - returning books 24/7

The Library has opened the possibility of returning books 24/7. Books may be returned by means of a BOOK RETURN located on the first floor, near the Library. We encourage all users of the Library to use this new option upon prior acquainting with the following regulations:

Regulations for using the BOOK RETURN at the Library of the Institute of English Studies: 

1. The BOOK RETURN is used only for returning borrowed books without visiting the Library. Using the BOOK RETURN is equivalent to accept the following rules. 

2. It is possible to use the BOOK RETURN only for the books borrowed out from the Library of the Institute of English Studies (including British Studies Centre Library) in accordance with the Regulamin Biblioteki Instytutu Anglistyki. 

3. The user is obliged to put a borrowed book into the BOOK RETURN in a gentle manner. Books should be put in individually. 

4. The BOOK RETURN is available 24/7. 

5. The books are taken out from the BOOK RETURN one hour before opening the Library and one hour before closing the Library. 

6. The registration of the returned books in the library system is possible during the opening hours of the Library. 

7. When using the BOOK RETURN the user should be aware what follows: 

  • in case of an overdue return, the penalty is charged at the time of registering in the Library system, not at the moment of returning the books to the BOOK RETURN.
  • periodic changes of the Library's opening hours (shortening or lenghtening the opening hours or public holidays) results in the time of taking the books out of the BOOK RETURN and registering them into the Library system (see point 5 and 6). 

8. In case of finding previously unnoticeable damages or dirt of the books returned, the Library reserves the right to ask the user for an explanation. 

9. After returning the books via BOOK RETURN, the user is obliged to verify its library account. Any questions and complains should be immediately adressed to the Circulation Desk (Tel. 22 55 31 428 ; iabibl@uw.edu.pl). 

10. The BOOK RETURN is monitored. It is forbidden to put any other things apart from library materials into the BOOK RETURN.