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12:00 An online meeting with the UW Vice-Rector

General announcements

The end of the summer semester is approaching - it's a good opportunity to summarize the recent months and to present the University's plans for the next months. We will talk about the upcoming exam session, social issues and the organization of studies in the new academic year with the Vice- Rector for Students and Quality of Teaching, Prof. Sławomir Żółtek.

13:15 The Ritual Meaning of Corn for the Navajo People

Science: open lectures

a lecture by dr Ewelina Bańka, an Indigenous Studies scholar at KUL, Lublin.

18:00 Forrest Gander - Poetry reading

Science: open lectures

On June 7th Gander will read from his work and take questions from the public. The meeting will be moderated by Julia Fiedorczuk.

10:00 Introduction to linguistics - final test

General announcements: registration/exams

Here is the moodle link to the exam space. The test begins at 10:00. Registration keys are sent via e-mail.

12:00 Syntax - 1st year exam

General announcements: registration/exams

Moodle space link. Exam starting at 12:00.

17:00 International Literature Showcase 22-24 June

Science: open lectures

The events are free to attend, and bring together innovators in international literature to explore the impact of the past year on the literary ecosystem, both in the UK and internationally, and imagine what these sectors might look like in future.

12:00 Phonology 1st year exam

General announcements: registration/exams

Here is the link to the exam space. The exam begins at 12:00-14:45.

16:00 Troubling Matters: Disinformation and the challenges of more ‘critical thinking’

Science: open lectures
Science: workshops

The webinar offers a nuanced look into disinformation campaigns and presents a researcher’s perspective on these phenomena. Join us for a presentation followed by a Q&A session, in which Dr. Ahmer Arif will talk about human-centered responses to disinformation that go beyond mere fact checking.