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Obligatory Occupational Safety and Care course

Szkolenie BHP) for all 1st year students (BA and MA studies, full and weekend studies)

the course is available at


The name of the course is Szkolenie BHP (Occupational Safety and Care) 2019/20. In order to pass the course you need to provide the minimum of 14 correct answers to the 26 test questions.

The dates for test taking:

04 November 2019-09 February 2020

28 February 2020-05 April 2020

Those students who have already taken and passed the course in the University of Warsaw or another Polish university (no earlier than in the academic year 2015-16) are kindly asked to submit the proof of passing the course to the Institute Office for Student Affairs by the end of November 2019. You may also do the same as regards the Intellectual Property Rights course (POWI). The information about this course will be posted on the Institute website by mid-November.