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06:59 Students’ and doctoral conference: Island.Youth 2021

Science: conferences

One of the main tasks of the Between.Pomiędzy Festival is supporting the active participation in science, culture, and art of the young. For this reason, during 11-12th May 2021, we would like to provide the students and PhD students a space to share their research during the national scientific conference Island.Youth 2021.

15:00 "L3 article acquisition research" - a talk by dr Martin Testa

Science: open lectures

The Flying School of Linguistics Applied would like to invite you to a guest talk by Martin Testa from the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Warsaw

11:30 On the origins of memes and virals: The case of Bernie Sanders

Science: workshops

Zapraszamy studentów drugiego stopnia na warsztaty prowadzone przez dr. Bartosza Lutostańskiego.

15:00 Focus on multilingualism and translanguaging in education

Science: open lectures

Current Trends in Multilingualism Research series lecture by Prof. Jasone Cenoz (University of the Basque Country).

Writing as Resistance and Transgression

Science: conferences

Call for papers - submission deadline. Students conference organized by the University of Wrocław:“Writing as Resistance and Transgression: Gender, Poetics and Activism in Post-War Literature in English”

14:00 The Legacy of Residential Schools in Native North American Literature and Culture

Science: open lectures

We invite you to an American Studies Encounters lecture. The guest speaker will be Cristina Stanciu, Ph.D., from Virginia Commonwealth University. The lecture will take place on 20 April at 14:00 via Zoom.

15:00 Does it get any easier when we learn and process multiple languages?

Science: open lectures

Current Trends in Multilingualism Research series lecture by Prof. Julia Festman (University College for Teacher Education Tyrol)

15:00 Exploring the acquisition of L3 phonology: challenges, new insights and future perspectives

Science: open lectures

Current Trends in Multilingualism Research series lecture by prof. Magdalena Wrembel (Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University)

16:00 Mars Colony Hackathon

Science: workshops

The US Embassy invites you to the Mars Colony Hackathon (April 22). Top specialists discuss the possibility of life on Mars. The language of the event is Polish.

10:00 Online Cambridge Day

General announcements: students

Open lectures on the English language. Guest speakers: Prof. David Crystal, What's New in the English Language?; Dr Miranda Hamilton, A fresh approach to online self-access materials; Anne Robinson, Seeing the big picture.

10:00 Online UW Open Day - 24 April


During Online UW Open Day we will present our programs of studies, show possibilities to develop your passions, explain the recruitment process and indicate where to find information. You will find the answers to your questions about studies at the UW and you will have a possibility to meet students and academic teachers.

15:00 Swedish learners; vocabulary acquisition in L3 French: is there a double cognate advantage?

Science: open lectures

Prof. Christina Lindquist (Goteborg University, Sweden) will talk about the third language acquisition, and the role of cognates in vocabulary learning.

15:00 Multilingual children: developmental opportunities and challenges

Science: open lectures

Current Trends in Multilingualism Research series lecture by prof. Ewa Haman (Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw)