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15:00 Flying School of Linguistics Applied

Science: open lectures

Measuring and learning academic words in higher education - a presentation by Breno Silva, 15:00 via Zoom

13:15 John-Michael Warner: Sociality: Inside the Running Fence Corporation

Science: open lectures

The lecture will take place at 13:15 via Zoom.

22:03 Registration dates

General announcements: registration/exams

Click here to see the registration dates for the summer semestre classes:

11:00 Spotkanie online z Prorektorem ds. studentów i jakości kształcenia, prof. Sławomirem Żółtkiem

General announcements

Już 29 stycznia o godz. 11:00 zapraszamy na spotkanie z prof. Sławomirem Żółtkiem. Transmisja będzie dostępna na profilu FB @Uniwersytet Warszawski.