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dr hab. Klaudia Łączyńska

British literature

associate professor

Staff Mobility coordinator

Room number: 337

Phone: +48 (22) 5531415

email: klaudialaczynska@wp.pl

  Office hours: Winter semester 2019-2020
Tuesday - 13.30-14.15
Thursday - 15.00-15.45
dr hab. Klaudia Łączyńska


"M.A., University of Warsaw, 2000

Ph.D., University of Warsaw, 2005

Associate Professor, University of Warsaw, 2017"

Research interests and projects

  • Renaissance literature and culture
  • Poetry and Drama in the 17th century
  • Philosophy of language and views on rhetoric in the 17th century
  • Metaphysical Poets
  • Literature and culture of the Interregnum and Restoration
  • Andrew Marvell’s life and literary work
  • Literary theories of the 20th and 21st century

Selected publications


Grzegorzewska, M. , Fengler, M. H. & Ward, J. M. (Eds.). (2016). Striking the Chords of Spirit and Flesh in Polish Poetry. A Serendipity. . Gdańsk: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego.

Łączyńska, K. (2016). Echo i Narcyz. Rzecz o języku upadłym w poezji Andrew Marvella (1621-1678). . Kraków: Homini.


Łączyńska, K. (2017). Metadrama and the Operations of Justice in ben Jonson's Volpone. In M. Pypeć , A. Kędra-Kardela & A. Kędzierska (Eds.). Studies in English Literature and Culture. Festschrift in Honour of Professor Grażyna Bystydzieńska. (pp. 155-163). Lublin: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Press.

Łączyńska, K. (2016). The Pride of Bones, or What the Dead Experience in Bolesław Leśmian's Poetry. In M. Grzegorzewska , M. Fengler & J. Ward (Eds.). Striking the Chords of Spirit and Flesh in Polish Poetry. A Serendipity. (pp. 171-188). Gdańsk: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego.

Łączyńska, K. (2015). Ostatnie kuszenie Tomasza. Konfrontacja klasycznej definicji postaci działającej z liturgiczną formułą dramatu. In M. Fengler & J. Ward (Eds.). Między słowem a rzeczy-wistością. Poezja T. S. Eliota wobec cielesności i Wcielenia. (pp. ). Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego.

Łączyńska, K. (2015). Word-As-Flesh Made Artefact: Andrew Marvell's Poetic Moulding Of The Word. In M. Grzegorzewska , M. Burrows & J. Ward (Eds.). Breaking the Silence: Poetry and the Kenotic Word. (pp. 243-253). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.


Łączyńska, K. (2016). The Swift and Secret Messenger: John Wilkins's Mercury and the Paradoxes of Language. Studia Anglica Posnaniensia. An International Review of English Studies, 51, (pp. 77-91).

Łączyńska, K. (2016). Surprised by Death, or How Andrew Marvell’s Mower Confronts Death in Arcadia. Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies, 25, (pp. 27-34).

Łączyńska, K. (2014). From Masque to Masquerade: Monarchy and Art in Andrew Marvell's Poems. Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies, 23, (pp. 115-127).

Older publications can be found on the complete list in PBN


Zuzanna Ladyga is an assistant professor in the American Literature Section at the Department of Modern Philology, University of Warsaw in Poland, where she teaches literary theory and postmodern literature. Her teaching and research interests include the interrelation between Continental philosophy and American literary theory and the impact of the technological modes of cultural transmisson on postmodern mimetic strategies. She teaches classes on American literary theory, cyberpunk aesthetics, postmodern architecture, Marxist theories of art, and American fiction after 1990. Her current research concerns the place of technology in postmodernist art manifestos of the 20th century. She is the treasurer and board member of the Polish Association for American Studies, the organizer of Methodologies in American Studies Workshop series, and a member of the editiorial board of Polish Journal of American Studies.