TITANIC — It was a Disaster when she was found... - guest lecture by Senan Molony

A Disaster for Conventional Wisdom, that is…. - Join us for the online lecture by Senan Molony 24.05 at 11:30

TITANIC — It was a Disaster when she was found

A Disaster for Conventional Wisdom, that is….

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Senan Molony is a national award-winning Irish journalist. Born in 1963, he has over thirty-five years experience in his profession, and is the author of several books. He has led and featured in a number of TV documentaries and addressed conventions of the British, Belfast and Titanic International societies. Senan has lectured on memorial voyages to mark the centenaries of the sinking of the Titanic, Lusitania and Britannic, as well as working as a host for the Titanic Channel. He lives in Dublin with his wife, two daughters and son. His books include: Helen of Joyce: Trojan Horses in Ulysses; The Irish Aboard Titanic; Lusitania: An Irish Tragedy; Titanic and the Mystery Ship; The Phoenix Park Murders; Titanic: Victims and Villains; Titanic Scandal: The Trial of the Mount Temple, Titanic Unseen and Titanic: Why She Collided, Why She Sank, Why She Should Never Have Sailed.

He has also written and contributed to works in other spheres,
with a map he devised entitled Ulyssesground featuring on the front page of the Irish Times and selling worldwide.

He has lectured on the works of James Joyce — for instance at the
James Joyce International Symposium, Trinity College, in 2022; at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin; at the international summer school in Trieste, and performed at the James Joyce Foundation in Zürich. He has also lectured at the US Embassy and to the Garda Siochána Historical Society.

Senan acted as an anchor on the web-based Titanic Channel TV subscription platform from 2016 until it suspended operations in 2019.

Besides Irish local and national programming, he has appeared on:

CBS Evening News
ABC World News Tonight
National Public Radio (US)
NHK (Japan)
BBC television.

Senan has featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine and a host of newspapers, news outlets and radio stations across the world.

He has written columns for the Ottawa Citizen and Orlando Sentinel, and contributed a host of scholarly articles and information to various websites, while also being a regular writer for maritime society magazines in Britain, Europe and the United States.

He has worked for newspapers in Ireland, Britain, the United States, Canada, Germany and South Africa, and has extensive domestic and international radio broadcast experience.