Open Lectures for students - course requirements

You need to participate in open lectures (from 8 to 12) organized by the University of Warsaw, an institution of higher education or a cultural institution. The lecture has to be at an academic level, which is the necessary condition for the event to be accepted.


You do not need to choose lectures in the field of linguistics or literary studies – the idea is to  develop your individual interests, so you can select a lecture in other fields as well. 

What you need to do is to confirm that you have attended the lecture. In order to do this, you  need to do the following: 

1. Go to Moodle and find the course “Open Lectures for students of English Studies – ...  (choose your field and cycle of studies)” and sign up for the course. 

2. Choose a regular lecture and attend it. Listen carefully to the lecturer and take some  notes. After the lecture, approach the organizer and ask him/her for a proof of  attendance. It needs to appear in the relevant column of the document LECTURES  LIST. The proof may be either a stamp (this is the only option if the lecture is  organized by the Institute of English Studies) or a handwritten signature.  Alternatively, you may choose an online lecture. Again, listen carefully and take  some notes. During the lecture take a screenshot. Your name and the name/slides of  the lecturer should be visible. 

3. Go to Moodle and the relevant course. As you can see, there are twelve assignments  waiting for you. Each assignment means one lecture. Go to the relevant assignment  (lecture number) and provide a short critical summary of the content presented by  the lecturer. Remember to provide the details concerning the lecture (date, title,  lecturer’s name, institution, etc.). You need to write between 150 and 200 words  (excluding the information about the lecture; the word limit in the assignment is 250  words). Additionally, you need to provide a proof of attendance. Depending on the  type of the lecture, you have to either upload a scan or a picture of the relevant page  (the whole page with your name visible) of the document LECTURES LIST with the  valid proof or you have to upload the relevant screenshot. 

4. Your final grade depends on the number of lectures attended and reflections  submitted. In order to receive your credit you need to attend at least eight lectures. 5. There are alternative ways of completing the subject, such as publishing a paper in a  

students’ journal. In the case of an article, the learning outcome is verified when the  article is published.

Open Lectures for students of English Studies 

Institute of English Studies 


If you need help with finding interesting lectures, remember to regularly visit the website of the Institute of English Studies

the Facebook page of American Studies Encounters

 or American Studies Centre

You can also inform other students about interesting lectures. To this end use the Moodle  forum resource “Interesting  lectures”