Flying School's Statistics workshops

The Flying School of Linguistics Applied invites all students and academic staff to join their course on the basics of statistics held by mgr Breno Silva.

Flying School is a group at the Institute of English Studies whose aim is to present and discuss good practices in Applied Linguistics research.

The course consists of three workshops that discuss statistics, and is for anyone who wants to learn the basics in the topic. You don't need any experience in the field, only basic math skills are needed. 

In order to participate, you need to have SPSS installed on your laptop. You can install it free of charge via our university. In order to do this...
1. visit:…/licencje-ogolnouczelniane/…/
2. fill in the registration form
3. send the form to the coordinator of our unit (dr. hab. Beata Łukaszewicz:

Bring your laptop with the SPSS on it to the workshops!


The three parts of the course will be held on Wednesdays; 

November 6th, December 4th, January 8th at 4:00-5:30PM

in the left wing of the 3rd floor (exact room number will be given before each workshop).


In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact Flying School:

or the Student Council: