Elections to the Curriculum and Election Committee

There are two elections coming up that are very important for students! Voting will take place on 9.-10.03 at 8-16 via USOSweb.

1. Election Committee/Kolegium Elektorów 

We need students to represent the Institute of English Studies in the Election Committee. Why? On main level, these are the people who vote for the university’s new rector. We are looking for students to the Committee at faculty level, who have a say in the election of a new Dean! Students from our institute get 6 spots, which can make a difference. 4 spots are taken, we need 2 people more to make the best of the share given to us!

We can influence who will be chosen as the head of our faculty and have a say in the changes they implement.

2. Curriculum Committee/Rada Dydaktyczna
Student representatives at the committee will together with the Staff of the institute be a part of any changes and decisions that have to do with the curriculum, dissertations, study programs, etc. There are 5 spots!

1. fill out these forms:
-form “Jednostka wiodąca”, choosing your leading department, "Instytut Anglistyki UW")
-form “Zgłoszenie kandydata” to register as a candidate:

You can find the forms under this post or here:

2. in "Zgłoszenie kandydata" tick the last box „Rady” and fill in with „dydaktycznej” to run in the Curriculum Committee
tick the last box, cross out the last „Rady” and write „Kolegium Elektorów Wydziału Neofilolofii UW”
3. bring the documents to the main Student Council’s office (room 110 at the main Campus)
by this Friday, the 6th of March!

on 9.-10.03 at 8-16 via USOSweb.
To vote, you need to:
1. Log into your USOS,
2. Go to the “Common” section,
3. Go to “Elections”,
4. Vote!

For more information and the forms go visit the Election Committee’s website:

Don't hesitate to contact the Student Council of the Institute of English Studies!