Content-Subject Exam for the BA Degree - PRACTICE VERSION

We have prepared a practice version of the BA content-subject exam. The mock test will be open on Monday, July 6th from 16:00 until 20:00.

You’ll find it on Moodle under the following link:

The registration key will be sent via U-mail

  • This is a practice mock exam. No grades are given. It is meant to help you get used to the format of the exam proper.
  • The exam "proper" will be available only to those who have completed the study programme!
  • There are three sections (called "papers") to the mock exam (British Culture and Lit. / American Culture and Lit. / Linguistics). These correspond to exam papers.
  • Please choose ANY TWO sections. (SFK students choose only one section!)
  • Do not choose more than two!
  • In the mock exam, there are five questions in each section, just to give you an idea how the online version of the test works.
  • In the exam "proper" there will be twenty questions per section.
  • Once a section is chosen, you have to answer all questions within it (or skip them). You CANNOT return to skipped or answered questions, so make sure that your answer (or the decision to skip a particular question) is final.
  • The order in which you fill out the papers does not matter, as long as you do it within the time alloted.
  • The mock exam space is available from 16:00 till 20:00 and each component has a 15 minute time limit (note: the space for the exam proper will only be available for the duration of that exam and each section will not have its own time limit).

Technical problems

  • If your internet connection fails and you find yourself disconnected from the test, reestablish the connection and return to the Moodle test space immediately (all responses are saved in real-time and you should pick up where you left off).
  • If the problem is serious, report it to <>